Friday, May 1, 2009

It was a beautiful spring day in the year 2001, I was in Iowa at a program for higher learning. It was in a place that when you drove in you knew there was a presence that was indescribable.
It was a mans vision, it was to become a place I would travel to many times a year and spend many weeks at a time taking classes, planting beautiful flowers, building buildings, preparing for huge programs, cooking, laughing,dancing, playing and crying my eyes out just wanting to go home almost every time I would go.
This one time I was sitting in the mess hall and one of the instructors came and sat by me, she said why don't you go out to the patio take time to just come up with a gedanken for the program tonight. I picked up the Gita and went out to the patio and sat on a bench all alone on this beautiful spring day. I opened the book and began to read about a black humming bird. I had no idea there was such a thing and thought it was a myth and just a part of this great book. I was in a dilemna that day and sort of wondering about my life and what I was doing there. I never felt I was quite getting it. I always doubted myself to be smart enough to understand things but this day I was asking and waiting for answers. I read the paragraph and as I was reading about the black humming bird I heard this light buzzing noise It sounded like a bunch of bees which there were plenty of around because of the beautiful flowers and trees everywhere. I looked up and Right in front of my nose was this beautiful black soft furry little humming bird. It was just hovering 3 inches from my face and I thought I was dreaming. It wasn't a dream he was so beautiful the light from the sun was hitting his back and there was a red cast on him. I took a deep breath and knew I was where I was suppose to be. He at that moment turned around a flew away. I have never forgotten that moment because it was a moment of defining in my life. There were many more stories like it to come. I have at least 30 humming bird feeders in my yard because each year I get a show from them. They have a story to tell and I am always there to listen.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take time to find your space

If on our journey we take time to find space and be still, the world of objects and chattering cluttered minds can be overcome. It is a masters feat.

The master resides in all of us.

It must be awakened on our Journey


Where is your journey to take you?

Friday, March 20, 2009


I have a few questions and am hoping you can engage in coming up with some great posts on some great subjects. I would love to hear your ideas and share mine. I think our journeys are to cross paths at some point in time and I am looking forward to that moment.
I am a student of Life. I have been involved in many different things looking for answers to the same questions most of us ask. The most interesting one I have come across is what is it that we are all longing to know, to understand about how it all works. How everything and everyone is tied into the one essential essence, that Divine power that keeps us breathing day after day. Why are some of us willing to sacrifice the physical to understand the spiritual while others could care less about anything that they cant touch or see with the physical senses.
I was taught for 25 years by the Founder of Life Engineering. He built a place and called it EoWaTa. It was a beautiful place full of flowers and grass and beautiful ideas. It was 25 years ago when I first stepped onto the grounds of this place that was to become my heaven and oh yes my HELL... It is now just an empty vessel waiting for the new beginning.
I am looking forward to hearing from you and sharing stories about the path you are on.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Its the Journey Not the Destination that's important.

My spiritual name that was given to me on April 16Th 2009 by RamDas is Uttamras Kaur, which means the Princess/Lioness of God who finds her inner excellence by drinking God's elixir.

The life I live is to love to sleep eat and drink philosophy, science and study all the eastern ways of life.the eastern ways of life have such a gentle way about them, they do not teach hell and damnation for eternity. They teach loving kindness as we are in this world to give and receive.
I have been studying many different aspects of this for many years now about 30 I would say. My first encounter was with a place in Iowa, It is called The Life Engineering Foundation and the teaching is a powerful foundation to say the least. It taught me all the principles of life the Laws of the universe, Laws of Energy and just how much we really don't know about Life and death. Wow it is some powerful way to begin a journey.

It was not easy lots of tears and temper tantrums on my part. I started out as a very insecure and self conscious being. The years of tearing down all the impressed ideas and concepts of who I thought I was and what I thought I was became number one in my life. You think that's easy? Wow not so easy. The foundation is still there but right now it is on hiatus. Our wonderful teacher passed away a few years ago and it has not been the same since then.

We all considered ourselves to be the pioneers of a new way of life. Of course all of our friends and family members thought it was a cult. But then again how could you blame them it had all the sign post of being just that. Truly 25 years later I would have to agree with them. But don't get me wrong I wouldn't change a thing if I could. I love who this expression is now, I love the freedom from the ideas, images and concepts I grew up with believing I was. That was my fascination with this place this teaching. I was hooked when I was introduced to Dr. Ench and he told me that if I wanted to be free of all the limitations of who I thought I was all the put downs I was constantly throwing on myself and others. This was for me.He started out by explaining to me that we are like the computer we are blank slates at birth, but then we get all this confusing information impressed on our brain from all our family, teachers, friend and who ever else decides to teach us something about ourselves that they see and we should know about ourselves. Oh the guilt the pressure the insecurity and failure we feel. Being a parent isn't easy all the advice we are given and expected to follow to have a perfect family. Have you ever seen one? Not me except maybe on TV.

Remember this information was told to me 25 years ago when computers were bran new and the ideas were all new.

I would like to take you on a journey one of many years of growth from a self conscious person to one of a woman filled with love joy and curiosity about the future of conscious beings and when and what it will look like. I have been a pioneer on a journey to become an empty vessel waiting for the time to be filled with the light of consciousness to be a guide a beacon of light to the new world that awaits us. One full of light and kindness, love and wonder. Are you up for the journey? Lets walk this path together, Hold my hand my heart and my soul into the next stage of Life that the world so needs now.

Resting now