Friday, May 1, 2009

It was a beautiful spring day in the year 2001, I was in Iowa at a program for higher learning. It was in a place that when you drove in you knew there was a presence that was indescribable.
It was a mans vision, it was to become a place I would travel to many times a year and spend many weeks at a time taking classes, planting beautiful flowers, building buildings, preparing for huge programs, cooking, laughing,dancing, playing and crying my eyes out just wanting to go home almost every time I would go.
This one time I was sitting in the mess hall and one of the instructors came and sat by me, she said why don't you go out to the patio take time to just come up with a gedanken for the program tonight. I picked up the Gita and went out to the patio and sat on a bench all alone on this beautiful spring day. I opened the book and began to read about a black humming bird. I had no idea there was such a thing and thought it was a myth and just a part of this great book. I was in a dilemna that day and sort of wondering about my life and what I was doing there. I never felt I was quite getting it. I always doubted myself to be smart enough to understand things but this day I was asking and waiting for answers. I read the paragraph and as I was reading about the black humming bird I heard this light buzzing noise It sounded like a bunch of bees which there were plenty of around because of the beautiful flowers and trees everywhere. I looked up and Right in front of my nose was this beautiful black soft furry little humming bird. It was just hovering 3 inches from my face and I thought I was dreaming. It wasn't a dream he was so beautiful the light from the sun was hitting his back and there was a red cast on him. I took a deep breath and knew I was where I was suppose to be. He at that moment turned around a flew away. I have never forgotten that moment because it was a moment of defining in my life. There were many more stories like it to come. I have at least 30 humming bird feeders in my yard because each year I get a show from them. They have a story to tell and I am always there to listen.

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